My Highlighted Skills

Branding & Logo Design

Package Design

Character Design

To distinguish a business in a crowded marketplace, I would start by defining the brand’s mission, values, and unique selling points, and conduct market research to understand the target audience.

Creating a memorable logo that is simple, relevant, versatile, and timeless, and developing a cohesive visual identity with a consistent color palette, typography, and imagery.

Additionally, I would craft a consistent brand voice and messaging that reflect the brand’s personality and values, and apply the branding consistently across all platforms and materials. Engaging with the audience through storytelling. 

A meticulous craft of visual and structural elements to captivate the attention of consumers and reinforce brand identity.

Through extensive research and planning, I would delve into market trends and consumer preferences, shaping innovative concepts that resonate with target audiences.

Utilizing my creative abilities, I then would design prototypes and execute final layouts with precision, ensuring seamless integration of graphics, typography, and materials. Delivering compelling, functional, and market-ready packaging solutions.

I strive to craft characters that leave an impression mark on the world they inhabit. Breathing life into the heart and soul of stories and games is a passion of mine.

Every character I create I strive to make special. Creating them to possess a visual appeal that draws the eye, a uniqueness that sets them apart, and a memorability that lingers in the minds of their audience.

My process of creation is flexible in terms of starting points. I can start from an initial sketch and come up with the story in the process or start with the story and sculpt a character out of words. Either way, I make them become more than just pixels on a screen or ink on paper.

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