Design Narrative

This hypothetical advertising campaign was designed to be used by the VA (Department of Veteran Affairs) for PTSD Awareness is designed to evoke a sense of disorientation and confusion in viewers, compelling them to pause and reflect. The objective is to disrupt the viewer’s daily routine, prompting them to engage more deeply with the message of the ad.

To achieve this, the campaign features three distinct images of rooms in a home, each one inverted upside down. This striking visual metaphor is a simplified yet powerful representation of the world of someone affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), where familiar surroundings can feel unsettling and disorienting.

In each image, a teal object is strategically placed to create a visual link to the teal ribbon displayed at the bottom of the ads, symbolizing PTSD awareness. The primary caption at the top of the ad provides a clear verbal cue about the subject matter, while the subheading at the bottom offers additional context and information.

The inclusion of the hashtag, teal ribbon, and the VA website with its logo serves as a call to action, encouraging viewers to seek further information and support. This design not only raises awareness but also connects viewers to resources that can offer help and education about Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.

Motion Activated Ad Concept:

Black background with just the text at the top and right bottom logos and teal object. As the person steps forward, the room becomes revealed and the bottom subtext appears too.

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