Design Narrative

Star Baker is a deliciously sweet board game that will test your baking skills and strategy. The game is designed with a color scheme of white, sugary pinks, and gold to capture that sweets sensation. To play on the sweet icing aesthetic of the game, a rounded font was used. Within the game there are four characters: Splat, Cocoa, Creme, and Whisk, who are competing against each other to become the Star Baker.

The challenge of this game was the board design. Ultimately, it was designed like a four-tiered cake, with the top tier reserved for the Star Baker. The players start at the bottom tier and have to work their way up by completing challenges in each tier. The challenges include baking tasks such as mixing ingredients, decorating cakes, and making desserts. Each task earns the player points, which will help them advance to the next tier.

The player with the most points at the end gets to be Star Baker and stand on the golden star at the top. Throughout the game, players can use special cards to help them gain an advantage over their opponents. These cards can be used to steal points from other players, skip tasks, or get extra points.

In conclusion, Star Baker is a fun and challenging board game that is perfect for anyone who loves baking or strategy games. The game’s unique design, color scheme, and character set make it an enjoyable experience for all ages. So put on your apron, grab your baking tools, and get ready to become the Star Baker!

Baker Splat

Baker Cocoa

Baker Whisk

Baker Crème