The Project

My client for this project with a newspaper organization called The Tennessee Conservative. I was given creative freedom for the most part but did reference the styles and layouts of their past “RINO Reports”.

The client’s past theme motif was caricatures like that of political parties but instead of the typical donkey and elephant (attributed with Democrat and Republican). This publication puts the focus on the differing sides within the Republican party (rhinos and elephants). These animals in past reports were displayed in a way that was like showing the different players of a sports team and I wanted to pay homage to this style choice while still adding my own design preferences to the report.

With this background information in mind, I proceeded with a mature but attention-getting style.

Vertical Version of RINO Report Cover:

The overall background texture of the report is a crumpled piece of paper with a light grain. In this document, the two sides are distinguished by color and the effects they have on the paper background. For the RINOs design, I focused on the feeling of aggression. Picking red as their representative color and having the pages they appeared on to be burning/on fire paper. The Conservative design is represented by leaving the paper unaffected by flames with gold as their team color to match the branding of the client The Tennesse Conservative.

Top 5 Conservatives & RINOs Poster Designs:

Legislators of the Year Posters:

The Tennessee Conservative Endorsement & RINO Icons

Sample Pages of the RINO Report

For the full RINO Report and to see the entirety of this project follow this link -> RINO Report 2024

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